Maui Democratic News 3/11/03


At the Hawaii State Democratic Central Committee Meeting last Saturday, March 8th, Party Chair Lorraine Akiba and Executive Director Chris Ovitt stepped down from their positions, in order to spend more time on their professional careers. Both were warmly applauded and thanked for the tireless hard work they put in to the Party.

Jill Tokuda was hired as Interim ED, and is already at work with energy and new ideas. Mark Forman, the Vice Chair is serving as acting Chairman until a new Chairperson is elected.

A Resolution was passed, based on wording provided by the County Committees, that will allow a fair & open application and election process to occur, with the new Chair to be elected at the April 12th Central Committee Meeting.

A search is on for Candidates for Chairperson. Please help us find willing and inspiring applicants with the energy and ability to rebuild the Democratic Party of Hawaii. The applicants do not have to be members of the Central Committee.

The Resolution in full, as passed by the State Central Committee, follows.

With Aloha,

Jonathan Starr, Chairman

Maui County Democratic Committee  (808)249-0032

            1942 Main Street, Wailuku, HI 96793







 1. WHEREAS, the Democratic Party of Hawaii has served to benefit all the people and communities of our State with the spirit of inclusion, openness & Aloha and;

 2. WHEREAS, the Party is in need of new direction and new strategy in order remain the inclusive Party in our State, and one supporting Candidates who are attractive to the majority of Voters and;

 3. WHEREAS, a new Leadership Team for the Party must be brought forward to lead and inspire all Democrats and;

 4. WHEREAS, the Party Chair, Lorraine Akiba has stepped down from her position, which must now be filled and;

 5. WHEREAS, the members of the Hawaii State Democratic Central Committee desire to follow an open and inclusive process in the search to find the best candidates to fill the vacant position and;

 6. WHEREAS, a process should be put in place to enable the new leadership team, once elected to office, to develop an action plan for the next election cycle and to refine it and put it into motion with participation from all of the State Central Committee Members and other interested Democrats; now therefore:

 7. BE IT RESOLVED that a Committee on Applicant’s Presentations be formed to find prospective Candidates, and this committee be comprised of the 4 County Chairs, the National Committeewoman and Committeeman and the Speaker of the State House and the President of the State Senate, or their Representatives & 2 at large SCC members to be selected by the Acting Party Chair and;

 8. BE IT RESOLVED that the Report of this Committee be presented to the members of the State Central Committee at a special meeting to be held on Saturday, April 12th, 2003 and;

 9. BE IT RESOLVED that the State Central Committee members will, by fair and democratic method elect a new Party Chairperson, that process being:

a.       Nominating signatures of five or more members of the Party, who shall not have signed any other application.

b.      The applicant’s written resume of his or her party-related activities, and other activities illustrating skills or experience relevant to performing as chair.  The resume shall not exceed two double-spaced pages in length.

c.       The applicant’s written analysis of problems and challenges facing the Party, and the applicant’s proposed policies or approaches to deal with them.  The analysis shall not exceed five double-spaced pages in length.

d.      Applications shall be delivered or mailed to the State Headquarters, to the attention of the Vice Chair.  Applications must be received at the State Headquarters (not postmarked, but received) by the close of business on Monday March 24, 2003. 

e.       The Vice Chair shall collect applications, and have them duplicated, with a set for each member of the SCC.  The Vice Chair shall exclude from the set only those applications that fail to include five or more unique signatures of party members, and that do not comply with the deadline for application.  The Vice Chair shall have a set mailed or delivered to each member of the SCC with the agenda of the next SCC meeting. 

f.        The Committee on Applicant’s Presentations shall devise an agenda and procedure for a portion of a meeting of the SCC, at which candidates shall be invited to speak.  The agenda shall provide that each applicant shall have an equal time to speak to the SCC, following an equal time to respond to any matters raised by other applicants.  The agenda shall also provide for oral questions to the applicants by members of the SCC, which shall be moderated under rules devised by the committee.  The agenda shall also provide for executive session and discussion among the members of the SCC before any vote. 

g.       The Committee on Applicant’s Presentations shall also devise a procedure for voting, in conformity with the General Laws of the Party.  In the event that there are more than two applicants for the position, a preliminary vote or votes shall be taken to reduce the applicant pool to two; there after a final vote shall be taken.

h.       It is the desire of the SCC that all persons seeking the Chair make their written applications, and present themselves before the SCC at the same time, for the same review, openly, and in the company of each other.  Therefore, nominations from the floor shall not be accepted. Those favoring a person should ensure that the person submits a timely application.

i.         The appearance of the applicants and the vote of the SCC shall be at a duly noticed meeting of the SCC on April 12, 2003.

10. FURTHERMORE, either the new Chair or a Vice Chair should reside on Oahu, and the other on a neighbor island and;

11. FURTHERMORE, together the new Chair and Vice-Chairs should select and the SCC members should ratify a new Executive Director and; 

12. FURTHERMORE, the new leadership Team should create a proposed action and implementation plan and budget for Democratic Victory in the next Election Cycle and;

13. FURTHERMORE, the plan should include such functions as Message Development and Dissemination Strategies, Fundraising, Media, Candidate Search (every slot must have at least one Dem), Research, Legal, Candidate Support Services, Get Out the Vote program, Liaison with Elected Officials, Liaison with Candidates, Liaison with DNC, Communication with SCC and other Democrats on a weekly basis, Convention & Event Planning, National Candidate and Surrogate Tours etc. and;

14. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT a workshop/conference be held on Saturday, June 28th 2003 on Oahu to refine and adopt this plan and begin the process of re-organizing and energizing Hawaii’s Democrats.